Saturday, July 1, 2017

Start a Profitable Business from Solo Ads

This how you can profit from solo ads. Let us do the math and see how much profit is possible.  If you purchase a solo ad from our source for $37 for a 4000 click advert, and you convert at just .1 %,  here is what will happen:

(a) you will make (4000x.01%)  = 4 sales.
(b) (If you earn $20/sale, you will make ($20x4)  $80.
(c) Your profit will be:  ($80 - $37)  = $43.

That was the very minimum conversion that you should expect from this solo ad source.  All things considered, you should do much better with this campaign since you are guaranteed sales (but not profits). Profits depend on how well you will convert, what page are you sending your prospects to, and other factors as well.

If your conversion is better, let's say  1%, instead of .1%, then your profits will be $763.00, all other factors being the same.  See how profitable Internet Marketing can be?  I am specifically referencing affiliate marketing in this article.  You can join a free affiliate program such as clickbank, jvzoo, warriorplus, or warriorforum and find a product that you believe is worth promoting.

The most important thing to do from there is to build on what is working for you  and discard what does not work.  This means that you should re-invest most of your profits at this stage!  Yes! Re-invest at least 75% of your profits.

First, you have to fine-tune your conversion and build a list from your prospects. By getting your conversion up, you will earn more immediate profits.  By building a list, you will earn more profits at a later time, as your prospects will warm to your marketing efforts and learn to see you as a trusted source.

Never mind small beginnings.  A simple, yet powerful solo advt from one of our sources will not just help you start a business, but it will cement in your mind, the potential of email marketing as a very profitable business method that you can use to earn profits online for a long time to come.

If you have no list-building capacity right now, do not put off starting your business just because of that. It simple means your results won't be as profitable as it can be but you can add that facility later on from your profits earned.

Tips for starting a Solo Ad Campaign without a capture page

If you do not have an email program and capture page ready to go, you should look for pages that will convert (out of the box), preferably in a hot niche such as MMO, dating, health, etc. (MMO = Make Money Online).  Look at the page for yourself. Will it work for you?  If it captures your attention and could prompt you to buy, then it will probably work for others too.

As much as it is possible, try not to send your traffic directly to a merchant's sales page. Whereas this will work well for Solo Ad Merchants, it won't work so well on social media like twitter and facebook.  I should mention that if you get affiliate sales from your solo ads, then you will probably get sales from other sources too.  Since they (Instagram, Twitter, FB, and others ) will not want you to use a direct sales page on their sites, you should consider starting a blog at, or one of the many free sources out there.  They work.  Success is a journey and sometimes we need to just get our minds prepared for that journey.  See my article on mental preparation for more details.

To your success!