Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Reason You Still Do Not Have Your Own Business And How You Can Change that Today

Some people are very negative.  Needless to say, these are usually the ‘broke’ people who see everything wrong with a business opportunity or a business model before they see anything good.  Well then, if I should become as negative, then I would never leave my house, because I could have an accident, never drink any water or beverage of any kind because someone could put something bad into it, never fly on an airplane again, because it could disappear into a black hole.

We can see life through different prisms. It all depends on us.  Now, I have looked at the landscape of business opportunities and I see a lot of people selling many different things, be it a business service or a product.  Yes, we do have some charlatans who are known scammers and who do that for a living.

If you get yourself even a smidgen of education, you can spot these people rather quickly, and spare yourself the agony of becoming a victim.  But you cannot go through life being negative.  You will never try anything, blame everyone else for your dilemma, and knit pick every opportunity that has been presented to you until even the most positive among us could never convince you to take the plunge and start your own business.

Evaluating a Business Opportunity

Look for the value in the opportunity. In other words, what is the product that they are selling?  If there is a product, and a fair compensation plan, then that is ok.  Even if you have to promote the business to new people in order to earn money, that does not make a business illegal.  What is wrong with a business opportunity, is the notion that you can only be paid strictly for bringing in new people but there is no product sold to you for the money you have paid.  If this is the case, then you are participating in a pyramid scheme that will not survive and in fact, will hurt your reputation.

So again I say, look for the value in the business model.  What are they really selling?  In the case of, we are selling advertising; something every online marketer needs.

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