Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Biggest Victory You Will Ever Win in Business or in Life

Most people are filled with self-doubt.  This is the exact reason why those who are poor get poorer in a recession and the rich get richer.  It is not magic! It is not superstition and it is not a conspiracy of the rich against the poor.  It is simple logic.  Let me explain it for you in the best way I can.

Most people are filled with self-doubt.  If three friends are walking along in a mall, looking into the store windows, and they see a very nice piece of jewellery or some other consumer-type item that cost $25.00, it is very easy for one or even all of them to buy that product on a whim.  No big deal, right? 

Take the same three people, at a wealth-creation seminar.  They are presented with the same opportunity to build a small home business that will perhaps lead to complete financial independence, and cost only $25 to start.  How many will actually sign up for the business, right there?   Out of every 100 people, I will bet that no more than 10 people will do this, but why?

Every person who walks on the face of the earth has been programmed!  We all accept it as normal and think it is a regular way of life for each of us. However, mental scientists have now conclusively determined that that we have been programmed to behave the way we do.  Our sub-conscious minds are our de facto protectors, so to speak, but it can turn against us too.  It is designed to protect us, life and limb from any perceived harm, but often the idea of protection from harm have been taken too far by our early care-givers, whereby we become timid, afraid to take risks, and become contented to live a life of mediocrity.

 The over-reaching of our sub-conscious programming is now an every-day accepted fact.  Our sub-conscious minds are responsible for regulating our physiological functions.  Our breathing, heart-rate, blood pressure, digestive systems, and the assimilation of things seen by our peripheral vision are all controlled by our sub-conscious minds, without input from our logical mind. We get dreams of things to do that we have silently requested, often without even being aware that they are answers to our prayers.  Our dreams represent our sub-conscious minds talking to our conscious minds.  Put another way, it’s the god-part of us communicating with our human part.

So, when someone comes to us with something like a business opportunity, our first impulse is to DISMISS IT Out of Hand, and  assume that we are about to be scammed.  A red flag goes off in our heads immediately.  We say we are just being careful, but it is not.  Our sub-conscious minds have been programmed to protect us and our money.  That is natural and normal, but where do we actually draw the line and begin to take responsibility for our decisions? 

We have a certain idea of what criminals look like for example, and if the person who is making the sales pitch does not look really sharp and business-like, he or she has no chance of the sale because our silent protector kicks in, draws a quick conclusion from our past programming, and instinctively tell us it is a bad deal.  Ditto for anyone who is too glib, who talk too fast, or who is not very well prepared with facts and figures.  In short, we often rely on our sub-conscious minds for some things, but completely dismiss its warnings on other things, often to our own detriment.

The problem therefore, is that most people remain poor because they have been programmed to Pass Over Opportunities Repeatedly (P.O.O.R).  That is not a cliché either.  That same person will go home, watch TV for 5 hours, complain about the bills he cannot pay, vilify anyone who dares to criticise them, hate or criticize those who have money, and go back to a job they probably hate, like a horse that tethered to chair!

Now, in a recession, this same person will probably be the first person to lose his job or suffer reduced hours because he has not yet learned how to grow beyond the constricting job description of his job.  There are many industrious and bright persons who get laid off in a recession, but I hope you can see the trend here.

Dave Ramsey, an American business educator, who shares more than a few philosophies of the more famous Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame, wrote an amazing article not too long ago, on the “20 Things Rich People Do Every Day”.  Look it up online and read it. It is eye-opening. In that article, Dave list 20 common things that Rich people do every day. Funnily, Dave got a lot of negative responses from readers, including Christians, who felt he was just unjustly picking on poor people, and kicking them while they were down. I beg to disagree, though I recognize that there are exceptions to almost everything we can generally assume.

 Here are just 4 of the more pertinent things on Dave Ramsey’s list:

1.       63% of wealthy parents make their children read two or more non-fiction books every month.  3% of poor people do this.

2.       44% of wealthy people wake up three hours before work starts vs. 3% of poor.

3.       84% of wealthy people believe that good habits create opportunity luck vs. 4% of poor

4.       67% of wealthy people watch one hour or less of TV every day, vs. 23% of poor.

Now, there are many unseen variables that come into play here.  It is possible that none of these affect you. You may earn at or near the minimum wage in your country, and yet you are developing good habits that exclude you from the above generalization.  Good for you!  Keep on doing what you must do to change your circumstances.  When taken as two distinct groups however,  the difference in habits between rich and poor  seem pointed to one of entrenched bad habits that create poverty in may households, and wealth in the others. Ralph Waldo Emerson said “The revelation of thought takes men out of servitude into freedom.” Our inner-most thoughts create our circumstances, not the other way around.

So, now we understand why the poor get poor and the rich get richer.  The root cause is in the the difference in how these two groups think.  The way you think controls what you do from mid-teens to the grave!  Your habits (good or bad), may now be ingrained, but they can be changed fairly quickly.  Many people who are rich today were poor once. Many lost everything to business opportunity scammers or false friends before they became rich, but they saw what was happening to them and decided to fight!  Fight what, you may ask?  Rich people learned to fight for their financial freedom. They fight infant brain-washing, wrong programming from their environment, wrong habits accumulated over time,  and laziness.  They had to overcome themselves first.  It is the first rule of power!

If you have been burned by one business opportunity or another, this is the cost of learning. Perhaps you were not well prepared or ready to become wealthy.  You were probably lazy (don’t take that personally as most people are lazy), too trusting, or too un-educated about business in general and money in particular.  Can those problems be solved?  Yes, they can be.   There is a wealth of free information on business, investing, how to handle money, and how to evaluate business opportunities, which are available to you today, and very often this information is free.  How much of it have you learned so far?  How many good books have you purchased and read at least twice in the last year? If your honest answer is “not much”, begin to change that today!  You can do it.

People who are wealthy, live life on a larger scale, but it all became possible when they decided to change the way they think.  In order to do that, they had to overcome their own tendencies to ‘think like poor people think’.  They had to re-program their own minds.  In order to do that, they went out and got help. They sought and networked with people who were doing better financially.  They looked for and devoured good books, attended seminars, watch good videos on Youtube instead of watching mindless TV.   So, let me answer the question that got us all started. What is the biggest victory you will ever win in your business or in your life? It’s Victory over You!

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Thanks for reading.

Anthony, CEO and Owner

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Blue Print for Wealth and Happiness

It's true. Wealth and happiness actually do have a blueprint that you can follow. For most of us, getting what we want seems like a mysterious process that we can never figure out.

But there are strategies and techniques you can follow... laws of the universe that will
lead you to where you want to go, and they work every time.  But first you have to know how to clear your
subconscious of all the past garbage and lies that other people put in there throughout your life, usually without your consent or knowledge.

This video tells you more:

Most of us aren't aware of it, but our subconscious mind is being activated and reprogrammed all the time.
Your subconscious makes no value judgement.  It takes whatever your conscious mind puts into it, and runs with it.

So you need to be really careful what you feed to your subconscious. If you're in a constant negative mindset, then that's what you get in your life.  If you know how to program your mind properly, then you can get exactly what you want in life, whether it's wealth, romance, good relationships, satisfying work, creativity, happiness...

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Two Ways To Build Your Prosperity Mentality

Those of my friends who think that I talk about money too much are usually broke, and secretly hate it! That’s ok though.  I still love them.  Now, I have learned to love people, because this is what really make our lives worth living. Living only for ourselves is not fulfilling, though it may be fun for a while.  Unfortunately too many people love things and use people, and those people who do this,  are neither rich nor prosperous!  People who oppress the poor, rob them of their agreed wages, and deny them the basics that they need because they have to power to do so,  are simply cruel and not really prosperous. 

To keep a prosperous mentality, you have to hit the reset switch in your head and start over again, especially if you have the idea that you are poor and always will be poor. Start with new ideas,  new paradigms so to speak.  Here are two ways to build and maintain a prosperous mentality that will help you push on to true achievement.  They will help you fight for your wealth when circumstances are trying to tell you that you don’t earn it, don’t deserve it, or should not expect it.

 When you have developed  the “I-Deserve-this-and-will-never-settle-for-less” mind-set, your job becomes much easier.  Indeed it is wrong to chase wealth, as true wealth will chase you, when you get all your ducks in a row.   Here are the two things you can do now to move to prosperous living:

1.        Read Prosperity Books:   I cannot emphasize this enough!  The only way to acquire knowledge is to study.  You can study by reading and never have to set foot into another classroom.  The world is full of knowledge, but it is usually in books, videos, or audio files.   By reading good prosperity books from people like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, William James, Catherine Ponder, and others, you will re-train your mind to become prosperous.  Try it now.

All wealth starts in your mind. You are prosperous there before you are prosperous on the outside.  These authors and the many others you will find on my reading list on my Facebook page, are there to help you.  Use their wisdom to help you along the way.  You do not have to learn everything from scratch.  Modern writers like Bob Proctor, Harv Eker, and Jack Canfield are very good at their craft as well.  Learn from them, and you will make progress. My Facebook page can be found here.

2.       Celebrate Your Achievements!    I will admit that I do not celebrate as often as I should.  I am awkward.  I have not yet learned to dance.  My wife says I have no rhythm.  I will have to change that.  It is on my to-do list.  But this point is important.  Dance a little when you make progress, financial or otherwise.  If your goal is to earn an extra US$500 in your network business this month, celebrate when you do.  Create a good feeling to go with your accomplishment. 

  That way, you will create new neurons in your brain (new brain cells), that will help you to want to do this over and over again.  Don’t laugh!  It works!   If you acquired two new clients for your business this week, celebrate that!  If you lost 5 pounds this week, celebrate!    Any accomplishment that is S.M.A.R.T, is worth celebrating.

So there you have it.  These two tools are very important on your road to success.  Let them help you  to accomplish your goals. You do not have to stand aside and watch prosperity pass you by. Start today, to acquire that prosperity mind-set.  Let’s see where this takes us!  Take a look at the latest tool that I am using the build my cash-flow.  You are welcome to connect with me through this portal at my blog: